Fire Warden Course

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Course Description
One of the most critical components of the Evacuation Plan is the Fire Wardens. The appropriate training and proficiency of the appointed wardens determine the overall effectiveness of the evacuation plan. Failing to train your wardens to the required proficiency may put the organization in dire liability and gross negligence in an undesired emergency situation.

Given today’s complexity in building design and layout, effective warden training plays a pivotal role in the overall success of your emergency evacuation plan. The Fire Warden Course will provide participants with the essential understanding of the roles, responsibilities and functions of an appointed fire warden.

Delivered in an exciting keynote format, this program engages learners effectively as they explore the different areas and topics, deeply engraining what is learnt and enabling a higher level of retention.

Guidelines are generic yet comprehensive, conforming to various industries. This course is a must take for all safety and health team members.

Course Duration

9 hours