Mental Health Resilience Officer (MHRO) Course

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Course Description
The Mental Health Resilience Officer (MHRO) course prepares EMS personnel to serve as their agency’s Mental Health Resilience Officer. In this role, the MHRO will engage with peers to develop an understanding of mental health issues and resilience; identify peers who are experiencing mental health stressors and crises; navigate peers in need to the right services for help; and support the development of a culture of mental health resilience and emotional wellness within the agency.

The course covers:
* The role of a Mental Health Resilience Officer
* The impacts of EMS work on mental health and emotional wellbeing
* Mental health resilience at the individual, interpersonal, and agency level
* Communication strategies to engage your colleagues regarding mental health issues
* Case studies in EMS mental health
* Key elements of an effective agency EMS mental health resilience program; and
* How to build or strengthen an agency mental health resilience program; and resources to support the MHRO.

Provider Cert validity
4 years

Who Should Attend
* EMS Personnel: Paramedics and EMTs who provide pre-hospital care and respond to medical emergencies and accidents.
* Firefighters: Many EMS professional also serve as firefighters, and they too face challenging situations.
* Dispatchers: Emergency dispatchers who coordinate EMS and other first responder services can also benefit from understanding and improving their mental resilience.
* Supervisors and Managers: Those in leadership positions within the EMS organizations may need to understand the challenges their team members face and how to support them.
* Healthcare Providers: Healthcare Professionals who collaborate with EMS personnel, such as emergency room staff, may find value in understanding the unique mental health challenges faced by EMS providers.
* Volunteers: Volunteer EMS providers and first responders who may not have the same level of formal training as career EMS personnel could benefit form learning about mental health resilience.

Course Duration

(excludes time for remediation and reassessments)

Online Course: 6-hour online course

Classroom Course: 8-hour classroom course