Occupational First Aid – NSC & CIDB

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Course Description
An ordinary day at work can turn into a serious emergency at a blink of the eye. Every workplace needs a team who are ready to respond and who will stand out to make a difference.

Rev up your first aid learning to cover a wide range of medical and accidental emergencies. This course builds intuitive skills in forecasting accidents and preventing them. Eligible for HRDCorp and in compliance with DOSH.

Course content
* Chain of Survival
* Common cause of death
* Introduction to the cardiovascular system
* Introduction to the respiratory system
* Coronary heart diseases and risk factors
* Anatomy and physiology
* Basic emergency principles
* Patient assessment
* Spinal injuries
* Medical shock
* Fracture management
* Wound management
* Spinal care and transportation
* Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
* Automated External Defibrillation

Who Should Attend

DOSH Practitioners, Safety and Health personnel, Emergency Response Team members. first responders, designated first aiders and those responsible for attending emergencies.

Course Duration

2 days

Day 1: 9pm to 6pm
Day 2: 9pm to 6pm
(excludes time for remediation and reassessments)